MILWAUKEE— As the more contagious and potentially dangerous Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to spread, becoming the dominant strain in the U.S., and with more unvaccinated Wisconsinites taking fewer precautions, case counts have started to climb again.

"The numbers of newly vaccinated people are dropping dramatically," Dr. John Raymond, president and CEO of the Medical College of Wisconsin told Spectrum News 1. "We've kind of run into a wall just in terms of the number of people that are comfortable being vaccinated right now..."

Dr. Raymond added that it's important right now to remember what we've learned so far about the virus as COVID-19 numbers have edged higher and to continue to take the right safety steps to try and put the pandemic behind us.

"Everything about COVID-19 is dynamic," Dr. Raymond added. "What we think we know, we always have to rethink and relearn."

You can watch the entire interview with Dr. Raymond above.