School districts across the country are preparing for more kindergartners to be enrolling in the fall. 

“We anticipate that Wisconsin is going to be similar to the nation and that we are going to see a bubble year and see more families enrolling their kids in kindergarten,“ said Sheila Briggs, an assistant State Superintendent at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

If there is an increase in enrollment, Wisconsin schools could see slightly larger class sizes. This issue is nothing new for Wisconsin educators who are used to adjusing staffing plans in the fall. 

However, an ongoing issue in Wisconsin, that could create more of a problem this fall, is a teacher staffing shortage.

“I have more concern over educating shortages over how our talented staff can handle the larger classes,” said Briggs.

Briggs explained that school leaders won't know for certain what the enrollment of kindergartners will be until fall.

"We won't know what is fully happening until everyone is registered and we have the third Friday count this fall," said Briggs.

Ways caregivers can prepare students for kindergarten:

  • Read books with your child
  • Encourage activities that allow kids to get creative
  • Teach basic rules
  • Get kids used to large groups