MADISON, Wis.— Data from clerks across Wisconsin shows fewer than 30 cases of possible voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. 

A report compiled by the Wisconsin Elections Commission is essentially a larger collection of reports from local clerks. These localized reports have all ben put in one document. Those documents show a total of 27 irregularities in the November 2020 election in Wisconsin. 

"We’re required by state law to collect referrals that are made by our local election officials and report that out to the legislature and to the public,” said Wisconsin Elections Administrator Meagan Wolfe. 

The most notable 11 cases in 2020 are people who allegedly voted twice. This could have happened one of two ways: They either submitted an absentee ballot and voted in person or voted in two different municipalities. 

Most of the time, the statewide voter registration system immediately catches people who attempt to vote twice, right on the spot. It recognized them as a duplicate.

But 11 of those cases fell through the cracks in Nov. That can happen when a person purposely changes some of their information, so it takes longer to figure out that they’re already registered. 

“Every day, every hour we're doing comparisons in the system, looking for duplicate records and then flagging them for clerks so that they can merge those records,” Wolfe said. “But let's say somebody provided different information, that didn't flag that it was a duplicate, and they [could be] able to create two separate records.” 

There were an additional 16 people who registered to vote using the address of a UPS Store in La Crosse. 

“There can be those sort of human processes, or those errors that happen,” Wolfe said. 

Vocal figures like former President Donald Trump claimed there was widespread voter fraud in Wisconsin in 2020. His campaign requested a recount in Dane and Milwaukee Counties, which did not change the outcome.

The campaign also filed multiple lawsuits, which were all dismissed. 

These reports from local clerks show voter fraud is minuscule in the Badger State. Of the 3.2 million ballots cast in November, these 27 irregularities make up 0.0008% of them. 

This data comes directly from local clerks. The Wisconsin Elections Commission will do its own investigation into any alleged fraud.