BELOIT, Wis. — Identical Wisconsin twins say they are beyond ecstatic after learning they were not only accepted to Brown University but, in the process, found out they had also received full rides.

Kerilynn and Kimberly Guavara of Beloit still can’t believe out of more than 46,000 entries, they can now say they are part of the class of 2025. 

"Took a long time for it to sink in and to feel real. We actually when we got our acceptance, we thought that we applied on like a scam site because we just didn't believe that it was real," Kimberly said.

But their Beloit Memorial College counselor Erin Wolf sure can. She says the Mexican first-generation students were dedicated right from the start.  

"They took advantage of our 22 advanced placement classes, our advanced classes our honors classes, and they met with me each year and always asked what is it that we can do to get ourselves to where we want to be after high school," Wolf said. "I will say in my 24 years to have two students of such valor and rigor to be accepted to an Ivy League school I mean this is the first."

The girls say they relied on each other and lots of instant coffee to make the Ivy League dream a reality.

"We buy these giant jars because we go through it so quickly!" Kerilynn said with a chuckle.

The dynamic duo both want to study mathematics at Brown and become actuaries when they grow up.