MILWAUKEE— Several volunteers are working together to help thousands of Wisconsinites book COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

“I can do this in our town in Germantown and get our teachers vaccinated and the senior citizens and the next thing you know it blew up quickly,” Bob Orech told Spectrum News. 

Orech started the Facebook group “Wisconsin Vaccine Hunters and Angels” just weeks ago. He got the idea after he tried finding his parents in Illinois a COVID-19 vaccine appointment and came across a vaccine hunter Facebook group.

There are now more than 12,000 members on his page. Volunteers in the group work around the clock to help people find openings across Wisconsin. 

Jill Annis said she couldn’t find an appointment and then her friend told her about the Facebook group.

“I signed up immediately and within 12 hours I had an appointment booked for Friday. I just want to say thank you to whoever is running this group, all the hours. I am very, very grateful,” said Annis.

The group also works to help find vaccine appointments for those not on social media.

"What we did is created a flyer that we could post in different church settings, to help senior citizens with a QR code and with my phone number,” said Orech. 

For more information on the Wisconsin Vaccine Hunters and Angels group click here