MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County is working to get all state-eligible groups vaccinated.

With certain areas more at risk than others, they have found a new way to get more people their shots.

Inside the Kosciuszko Community Center, a team of professionals is working to get more at-risk people vaccinated. Due to the county’s new zip code program, people who live and work in certain zip codes are now eligible to get vaccinated.

The zip code program rolled out last week for state-eligible people who live and work in the 53204, 53205, and 53206 zip codes.

“We hope that as this program goes on, whether it's our sites or other sites as we message out to these communities as we partner with the health departments and health systems that we can get more vaccines into these communities,” Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management Director of Medical Services Dr. Ben Weston says.

Not only is the county working to vaccinate those in the zip codes that fall into Harambe, River West, Brewers Hill, Walkers Point, and other surrounding neighborhoods, but they are also working with their phone program to reach out to more vulnerable adults in Milwaukee County.

“It was very easy, it went real quick. I was very pleased. I had called other places and they just couldn’t find scheduling for me,” Ruby Proegler, who was getting vaccinated says.

Ruby Proegler was called through the phone program and set up to get vaccinated. She now has her first vaccine out of the way.

“When we have our second doses, then we can reach out and hug people. I like that,” Proegler says.

For others who came through, being able to get their vaccination on the first anniversary of the coronavirus lockdown was a full-circle moment.

“It’s been a year. It’s been a challenge for a year. It’s just really nice to see this happening. What I find is it just seems like every week it’s been ramping up more and more and it just gives you hope,” Ellen Censky says.

For more information on how to sign up to be vaccinated at this clinic click here.