MILWAUKEE — A new app is now available to help veterans in need across the state of Wisconsin.

The CVI Help app is a one stop shop to help veterans in need across the state of Wisconsin. It’s an app created for veterans, by veterans.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think that there would be something like this that I could have in my hand, with the touch of a finger find all these resources,” Vietnam veteran George Banda said.

Banda, who is a Purple Heart recipient, is known to help other veterans in need. 

“I was carrying 50 to 100 cards in my pocket,” he said. “In fact, I have them here with me, this is what I was carrying around in my pocket to give to people who would ask about a certain organization or a certain need.”

So now, instead of a pocketful of business cards he relies on a single app to use for both himself and other veterans here in Wisconsin.

“You can find anything from meals, to shelter facilities to programming services to medical and healthcare services,” Center for Veterans Issues President and CEO Ed Garza said.

The Center for Veterans Issues spearheaded the effort to create an app to help veterans across the state of Wisconsin to connect veterans with anything they might need.

“No veteran should be without a roof over their head and every veteran should have a meal to eat. We are working really hard to provide that across Wisconsin,” Garza said.

The app is free and filled with any resource one could possibly need to help them in any situation. 

“To be able to have at their fingertips to have this app they are able to have access to an endless amount of resources that are populated there. It keeps them motivated to find the help they need rather than working to find it all themselves,” VFW department of Wisconsin state commander Jason Johns said.

Now, after the Center for Veterans Issues recently collaborated with the VFW here in Wisconsin, they believe the reach of their app will go even further. All of these resources are also available on their website as well.