BROWN DEER, Wis.— These days, Jalen GreenLee starts mornings early. He’s got big boxes to fill with little time to waste.

He's a young Wisconsin entrepreneur on a mission to make healthier food options more accessible to everyone.

The 21-year-old Brown Deer native recently started Flora Fruit Company. GreenLee says it’s one more way for his community to quickly access the best nutrients.

“I just want to make it easy and convenient for our customers to get high-quality fruits into their diets," he says. 

Dozens of boxes are each packed with love and various fruit combinations; one of which GreenLee calls "The Wellness Booster."

Each package has a unique, inspirational message enclosed.

Once they're sealed up and ready to go, foods packed full of vitamins and antioxidants are delivered to customers' front doorstep. 

The online-based Flora Fruit Company became a reality for GreenLee less than three months ago. His vision to create fruit boxes, however, started a few years back. 

While attending college in River Falls, GreenLee recognized a huge problem that hit very close to home. 

He knew he had to do something, and he felt empowered to take it on. 

“We just got prices and margins together, we bought some fruit and we just curated boxes by doing surveys with family friends and acquaintances, seeing what their favorite foods were,” says GreenLee.

GreenLee says his business is growing faster than he imagined, and customers are pleased. He’s hoping the fruit boxes will encourage his customers to reach for healthier options, which would help them live longer,

“We only get one body in this life and God blessed us with it, so we should really treat it right.”

Aside from a one-time order, Flora Fruit Customers have an option to set up a subscription for monthly deliveries through the company's website