MILWAUKEE — Every Green Bay Packers fan has a favorite player.

“First, Bart Starr is a class act, I did meet Ray Nitschke and got to touch his ring,” said Jane Reitmann. "Devante Adams."

“Yeah, Bart Starr was my number one quarterback,” added Jeanne Bearsley. "Reggie White, there’s so many of them.”

Those players span many eras of Green Bay history, because loyalty is a major part of being a Packers fan.

“There’s so many other Packers fans just like me,” Beardsley said. "We’re just crazy loyal people, and I back the Pack whether they win or lose.”

“Win or lose they’re always my team."

One thing that separates Reitmann and Beardsley from the rest of the pack is they are two of the 10 finalists in the running to be inducted into the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame.

“I’m excited,” Beardsley exclaimed. “I’m overwhelmed!” 

Beardsley lives in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, near the Minnesota State Line. She’s never let that change her allegiance, and she stands her ground, even at work. 

“I bartend at a place called Just Cause,” Beardsley said. “[My friend is] a Viking fan, and she owns the place, and me and my friend started bartending for her and we told her if she didn’t hang up Packers stuff we wouldn’t work for her, so it’s a half Viking, half Packer bar.”

Reitmann stands her ground, too. She has specific rules. 

“Anyone who comes to visit me knows not to visit during the Packer game or not to call me during the Packer game, and if they did, they were in big trouble,” Reitmann mused. 

Not even her husband is safe from that rule, as he learned years ago when he was outside chopping wood. 

“He should have been watching the team,” Reitmann said. 

Her husband cut himself and needed stitches. The family claims she made him wait until halftime.

“That’s a little exaggerated I think,” Reitmann laughed. "There was a really good play going on with the Packers and I told him he had to wait until it was done.”

Her son, Tim, who nominated her for the Fan Hall of Fame, disagreed. 

“I think if you talk to my dad and my sister, probably a little different story of how long it took, but you know, a play or a quarter, who knows,” said Tim Reitmann. 

That might sound crazy, but fans will do whatever it is for their team. 

Beardsley, even when she doesn’t have tickets to a home game, drives more than 250 miles across Wisconsin just to tailgate and chant those three words: “Go Pack Go!"

Only one of the 10 fans will be selected for the Fan Hall of Fame. Another will win autographed memorabilia through an online vote. 

You can go to to read all of their stories and vote for who you believe should win.