MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin truckers are traveling across the country as essential employees to keep American supply chains running. 

Spectrum News 1 checked in with some truckers to see how things are going nearly a year into this pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things for drivers, but it has also kept them busy. 

“We never slowed down during the pandemic and I am very grateful because our company actually gave us an extra $100 a week to be out here for like four months,” said Carmen Anderson, a truck driver with America’s Service Line.

Anderson has been driving for 22 years and you can tell she has a passion for what she does.Right now, there are a lot of things still not accessible to truck drivers that drive across our country. 

“It depends on the state, but some are not letting us use their restrooms, they are putting out port-a-potties, they are not letting us use anything… it is all closed off,” said Anderson.

Anderson also recently was named Driver of the Year for 2019 by the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association in Madison. She is the first woman ever to receive this award.  

For the honor, she received some special keepsake items as well as a special proclamation from Gov. Tony Evers. Anderson is also involved with the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association, click here to read more about this program.