MADISON, Wis.— Wisconsin truckers are traveling across the country as essential employees to keep American supply chains running. Right now many of them are pushing for lawmakers to give them priority when it comes to the COVID vaccine. 

The American Trucking Association is sending letters to President Donald Trump, President-elect Joe Biden and the CDC’s advisory committee on immunization practices asking for truck drivers to be considered critical infrastructure workers. 


The letters point out the fact that truck drivers will be delivering the vaccines across the United States and states they must get priority access to the vaccine to help reduce the chance of a supply chain delay.

Spectrum News 1 talked with the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association president Neal Kedzie to help paint the picture of what the trucking industry is going through right now.

“The trucking industry moves more than 75% of all the goods across the country. That is everything from medical supplies to paper supplies and it doesn’t get there unless it’s done by a truck. So without the protections needed, we could see a roadblock with the supply chains and that could have devastating consequences,” says Kedzie.

You can read the letters, here.