WISCONSIN – The season of giving back across Wisconsin is also reaching the state capitol. Lawmakers are likely to face several challenges as we head into 2021, many of which related to the COVID-19 pandemic. One major problem looming right on the horizon as we head into next year is the end of the moratorium on evictions. This has not gone unnoticed by state lawmakers who are considering what can be done.

“We have to dig deep and find consensus,” said State Rep. Evan Goyke, a Democrat representing Milwaukee, “the first thing we do is we talk to each other.”

Rep. Goyke said there have been steps in that direction between Gov. Tony Evers and Republican leaders in the Wisconsin legislature, however, he said extending the moratorium on evictions in the state of Wisconsin is not one of those steps in the direction of compromise yet.

Rep. Goyke said several organizations around the state who are trying to help people during the pandemic are in desperate need of aid. He says the state is looking to help fund some of those organizations, although right now, he says those organizations major source of government aid is coming in through the CARES Act.

There are some consistencies with the messaging Rep. Goyke says he’s been getting from his district.

“What we have heard most is: food,” said Rep. Goyke, “I know that there are incredible organizations that work in food insecurity, hunger task force that I’ve worked closely with, food pantries and food banks. That’s been a universal issue.”

Rep. Goyke says clothing and housing, including rental assistance, are also other issues in his district. He says there are a lot of organizations out there, no matter where you live at in the state, trying to help though.