ORFORDVILLE, Wis.— As the coronavirus pandemic continues, low-interest rates and a desire to settle in small-town Wisconsin— offer the perfect opportunity for new development in one rural Rock County community. 

In Orfordville, a new 36 unit single-family site with multi-family lots is part of the Mill Valley Estates development. It's the first shovel ready residential construction project— in 20 years.

"A community like Orfordville can easily be forgotten, people talk about it as you know, don't blink because you're going to drive by and you're going to miss it, and now people are hearing about it more and it is the number one rated school district in all of Green and Rock County," Pat Abrahamson said.

The Beloit Memorial Assistant Principal just moved back to his hometown from a bigger city, Rockford, Illinois. He says he decided to make the change for his kid's future. While the pandemic— pushing so many into potential rural homeownership.

The Harris Poll shows, "nearly one-third of Americans are considering moving to a less densely populated area because of the novel coronavirus outbreak." 

Next Generation developer Zach Knutson says this new construction will offer families a chance to experience a piece of small-town America.

 "They wanted to actually have a little bit more room in a more country feel with home offices and working from home and good internet, but not necessarily in an urban environment," Knutson said.

The project features both custom builds and turn-key models for prospective clients. Abrahamson says the timing is 'a a miracle' for so many families looking to live in Orfordville, but just couldn't find any available housing.

"It's gonna open up a lot of opportunity for people that really want to do it. I've got people that I work with, that are just dying to get out to Orfordville, and this is going to allow that to happen," Abrahamson said.

Groundbreaking at the site took place on Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 3:30 p.m. You can learn more about the project here.