WISCONSIN— Nearly three-quarter million of Wisconsin's eligible voters haven't registered to cast a ballot on Nov. 3. But it's not too late. 

Wisconsin has 4,849,583 eligible voters. Of that population, 4,135,450 have already registered to vote. That means up to 714,133 people could register at the polls on Election Day. That totals out to be 14.73% of eligible voters, according to data collected from the Wisconsin Secretary of State's office. 

According to VoteAmerica, a non-profit organization that works to engage voters and increase turnout, Wisconsin has the ninth-highest percentage of non-registered, eligible voters in states where day-of registration is an option. 

However, a closer look reveals that among battleground states, Wisconsin has the third-highest percentage of non-registered, eligible voters. The Badger State trails behind number-one ranking Minnesota which sits at 16.5% and New Hampshire which totals out to be 15.9%.

Nationally, there are 40 million unregistered, eligible voters. 13.5 million of them, or 34%, are eligible to register, and then vote, on Election Day. 

If you find yourself in this group, bring a valid state-issued ID, or another proof of residence, to your polling site on Nov. 3. You'll be able to register in person, on the day of, and then cast your vote. 

For more information on in-person registration, click here.