MILWAUKEE — A single picture can hold countless memories, and be a piece of memorabilia more precious than most.

That’s the case for some people; people like Steve Ewing.

Steve is an original stockholder of the Green Bay Packers. He has never missed a game. He’s also a creator of a limited edition print, featuring some of the team’s most famous players from the Lombardi era.  

He has a handful of prints left, as most have already sold. Some go for upwards of $3,000 on eBay.  

“All these pictures were taken by Vernon Beaver who was the first official team photographer in the history of the NFL and he was a friend of mine,” said Steve. “We got together and I made a photo composite and we took it to Artwork and it came out beautiful.”

The prints are prized possessions to those fortunate enough to have one, including Jason Zaremba, a lifelong Wisconsinite and die-hard Packers fan.

“I was [young] enough to attend the Packers fantasy camps, which were held in Green Bay in the early 90s,” Jason said. “There was a lady selling Packers memorabilia and I saw this print framed and I had to have it.”

It was Steve’s print and it became Jason’s most prized Packers possession. His treasure was short-lived, though.  He lost it in a house fire in 2006.

“The print was hanging over the fireplace at that time and the house wasn’t a total loss, but that side of the wall just got taken out,” he said. “It was a very sad day.

A couple weeks ago, Spectrum News 1’s Megan Carpenter interviewed Steve about his prints. It was part of a bigger story about Milwaukee's Bobblehead Museum creating four new Bart Starr bobbleheads to commemorate his passing.  

Jason was watching that day.

“When I happened to see your news spot that day, I freaked when I saw him flipping through this box,” Jason said. “I was like I have to get in touch with him and see if I can buy a print from him.”

He called to get Steve’s contact information and agreed to let Spectrum News film the meeting.  

Steve, of course, obliged. He not only gave Jason a new print, but allowed him to pay for it by making a contribution to Steve’s charity.

“Whatever he thinks is appropriate,” Steve said.

Steve’s charity helps pay for tickets to live Packers games for those who can’t afford it. It also helps those who are deserving see a game.  That could be a disabled veteran, someone with a terminal illness, or a burn victim.

“Just knowing you’re as strong a Packers fan as you are and you were able to embrace that team and the charitable nature of the team,” Steve said to Jason.  “That makes me feel that print will go exactly where it belongs.”

With tears in his eyes, as Jason could say was "thank you.”

“This has been one of the best days,” he said.