MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) - Approximately 100 people marched on Milwaukee’s northside Sunday demanding justice for Jacob Blake, the 29-year-old man shot seven times and paralyzed last week by a Kenosha police officer.

The group met in Sherman Park, where some shared their experiences from a violent week in Kenosha, where protesters clashed with police and armed civilian groups. The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) organized Sunday’s demonstration. The group advocates dismantling what it believes is an unjust system of law enforcement. Many held signs Sunday in favor of abolishing police.

“We don’t believe in the complete breakdown of any kind of social structure or authority,” said Robert Penner, who matched many PSL members in a red t-shirt. “We don’t believe in complete lawlessness. We believe in reconceptualizing how society functions.”

The PSL calls itself a revolutionary Marxist party. Penner said the organization believes racism is inevitable in a capitalist society.

“Racism in this country is a byproduct of the economic system we live under,” he said. “It’s a byproduct of how society was set up to segment the working class to turn it against itself.”

Sunday’s march began westward on Burleigh Street. Organizers planned to be in the streets for about 90 minutes. Penner said the PSL aimed to rally working class people to join their call for immediate police reforms as well as a larger fight to reshape society.