MADISON, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) — Eleven-year-old Anisa Scott, of Madison, had a love of color, a love for monster trucks and a love for life.

"She loved and cared for anyone and everybody that came into her path,” her grandma Lorene Gomez said.

Scott, a Sun Prairie Middle School student, was shot and killed in Madison last week. At the age of seven, she made a video praying for an end to gun violence. Four years later, it was gun violence that took her life.​

On Saturday, her funeral was held as her family said their final goodbyes.

"She was full of love, she was full of  joy," Gomez said.

Scott's spirit has touched an entire community with many being complete strangers.

"Being a mom of three girls, my heart just broke for the family,” Verona resident Holly Benzine said. “So, I reached out to see if there was any way I can help and came up with this colorful sign of things that she really likes. Like basketballs and monster trucks and of course her favorite color red and white.”

All it took was a facebook post from Micheal Johnson of The Boys and Girls club of Dane County and Shane Otis got his wheels in motion.

"I  don't feel like my truck is a monster truck,” Otis said. “It's pretty low to the ground, but for this purpose the family asked if I would transport her for her final ride. And I am honored.”

What does it mean with so many strangers coming together?

"[...] It reminds me that there is still good in the world and that Anisa's life will continue living through all of us,” Gomez said. “So many pieces of her have touched everybody.”

So, while Scott may have only been 11, her love will forever live on.