WAUKESHA, Wis (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- If you have left your house in the past four months, chances are you haven’t been able to go anywhere in public without encountering COVID-19 related signage. Whether it is a floor decal reminding you to stay six feet apart or a list of printed instructions about staying safe, COVID-19 signs are everywhere. Someone has to print those signs.

Waukesha based Innovative Signs is one of the companies heeding the call.

Company president Chad Schultz says his company has seen a massive increase in the number of clients looking to put up COVID-19 related signage. The company has been hard at work creating signs for everything from well known restaurant chains like McDonalds to fulfilling contracts with local government agencies.

Having an ability to customize messages for individual businesses is something staff at Innovate says is key.

“If you are McDonalds you want to have Ronald McDonald’s feet on there. If you are a zoo you want to do animal paw prints and different things. You try to be creative with it even though it is kind of a serious situation you try to be creative," say Schultz. 

Schultz says he expects to see the COVID-19 sign business remain busy for at least the next year.