MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) — As we head into over a week of protests, you’ve seen his face and heard his voice, but who is the man with the strong voice walking many miles on Milwaukee’s streets?

His name is Frank Nitty and he’s a grassroots activist whose become a recognizable face.

“I am more like the messenger and a lot of times the message is of the people, so it’s not even my movement… it is the peoples movement,” says Nitty.

George Floyd's death has sparked protests across Wisconsin with a diverse crowd of all races coming together to fight for black equality.

“There’s injustice for black people that’s going on and everyone know it’s wrong …the racism we face everyday everyone knows is wrong,” Nitty says.

Nitty says the peaceful protests are sending a message of love and peace. “We wanted to show the world that this was something that everyone could participate in... to show that they care what is going on with black people. If you are 6 years old or 65 years old…everybody can’t riot. I’m not condemning rioting but that can’t be the answer for everything. We have to have civilized conversations as well and I wanted everyone to have a part of history,"says Nitty.

The goal is to create a new Milwaukee where everyone… black, white, brown are treated equally. "People think it’s time that other races stand up for us . We know, what’s right is right and what's wrong is wrong and until other races stand up for us… people aren’t gonna care that black people are standing up for themselves and we need to hold everyone accountable,” says Nitty.​