MILWAUKEE, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- A Milwaukee family is feeling extra joyful this holiday season after being reunited with their two fur family members.

Their dogs, a doberman named Neron and a pitbull named Boy escaped last week and were wandering around Milwaukee trying to find their way back home. 

Fortunately, for the pair, an MCTS bus driver spotted the pair trying to cross a busy street and helped them make their way back home. 

"The end of my shift I just got done doing route 80 back to my job, I saw two things moving on my side, so I got closer and it was two dogs," said MCTS bus driver Jamie Grabowski. 

She sensed the inseparable pair was in trouble and took them in until she got them further help. 

"I put the bus in park and ended up getting off the bus and get them to come to me to get on the bus. Because of the simple fact them running around in and out of the street it wasn't gonna be a good outcome," Grabowski recalls.

The adventurous duo has been together since they were one month old, and now at two years old, they follow each other everywhere, even a little too far away from home.

"If one runs out the other has to go after him cause every adventure that they have is always together," says owner Stephanie Gomez.

Feeling thankful for the good samaritan who helped her boys get home, Gomez remembers the stressful moments she lived along with her family in search of Neron and Boy.

"We thought this Christmas was gonna be a really sad Christmas because every Christmas they open their gifts, so we were really happy that they were home," said Gomez.

The family met with the driver just before Christmas and personally thanked her for her kindness.

Grabowski says she just did what she hopes someone would do for her own fur babies if they were lost and helpless, "I have no kids of my own so it's like I have two dogs and I would want the same done for mine if they ever got out."

The Gomez family is in the process of installing a stronger gate in their backyard to prevent their growing boys from giving them a scare.