MADISON, WI (SPECTRUM NEWS) — 2,000 University of Wisconsin-Madison Students now have a house plant thanks to the Allen Centennial Garden.

The Garden gave the plants to students for free on Friday. Students lined up outside to get one, it only took about an hour to distribute them.

“I think this really demonstrates that young people have a hunger for plants, and they have a hunger to sort of disconnect from technology and this instant world,” said Ben Futa, the director of Allen Centennial Garden.

This is the second year they have distributed the plants. Organizers say their goal is to get greenery into students' living spaces.

“There are so many research studies about how having a little green space especially in the city in Madison is so impactful for mental health and just feeling good,” said Sam Wood, an intern for Allen Centennial Garden who grew the plants they gave away.

Several of the students agreed. Like Aileen Barretto, a UW-Madison Senior who came with her roommate to get a plant.

“I definitely think plants or just gardening in general does help mental health, it kind of just nourishes the soul in a way kind of like food, I think plants in general are just nice to have,” Barretto said