WAUKESHA, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- Veterans from Wisconsin took flight on the opportunity of a lifetime, flying high in a World War II biplane.

It’s a flight back in time. The iconic World War II biplane took flight, bringing nine World War II veterans on a dream flight

"We're flying people in their 90s, and they don't think about flying in an open cockpit biplane at this point in their lives, and so we're opening their minds and giving them an experience they are never going to get again," Founder of Ageless Aviation Dreams Daryl Fisher said.

One veteran in particular, showed off her spunky personality at 93-years-old.

"My family all knows that I am here today, and they are excited," World War II Navy Veteran Evelyn Scott said. "My grandson is 42, and he knew about the plane, and he said you can’t get much better than that." 

Scott joined the Navy as a secretary straight out of high school back in 1945.

"The next day I was getting my picture taken, 18-years-old," Scott said.

She still has the exact badge she used to get in and out of work each day. She says it’s a reminder of many decades ago that she still holds onto.

"I just had the greatest experience ever," Scott said. "I can’t tell you too much more except it was wonderful."

As a thank you for her service, Scott got the chance to climb aboard the biplane. She shared her bubbly and spunky personality with everyone around.

Finally, her and her pilot took off in their open cockpit plane and took to the skies of Waukesha.

"Once we lift off, and they start looking around, and they smile, and you can see it, literally the transformation on their face,” Fisher said.

"I watched on the one side was the lake with boats out there, and the other side was green, green, green," Scott said.

The two were flying high and taking in the sights and sounds above Waukesha. Scott says it was a memory of a lifetime that she will always hold onto.