MADISON, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) — The United Way of Dane County and the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin are worried about the safety of seniors and at-risk individuals who take multiple medications each day. 

Because of this, the organizations have teamed up to put on a unique program at a handful of community centers. The goal is to keep these adults from falling or injuring themselves.

"I was shocked when I came to United Way," Strategic Coordinations Director Hayley Chesnik said. "If you take over eight to 10 medications, you create an adverse drug effect, which is really just a negative reaction, and if you take over eight medications there is a 100 percent chance of an adverse drug event."

Chesnik believes a project like this can greatly reduce adverse side effects like falling or dizziness. She says that’s important because the CDC lists Wisconsin with the nation’s highest rate of deadly falls.  

"I realized participants in this program were taking 10, 11, 12 medications, so let’s partner with older adults so they understand what is happening when they are taking medications," Chesnik said.

The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin says their organization would like to roll out medication reviews in different parts of the state with various health systems in the coming years.