MADISON, WI (Spectrum News 1) — A new Wisconsin nonprofit is betting on the power of women to make positive change.

“Basically we get women excited about coming together and supporting a cause that they believe in,” said Jodi Sweeney, founder and president of 100 Extraordinary Women.

Sweeney spent about 15 years as a fundraising consultant. About six months ago she started 100 Extraordinary Women, a crowdsourcing and networking organization that is looking to support projects that could have an impact on society. Sweeney already has high hopes for the project.

“We hope to make it national, and maybe international, but right now we're working on the state of Wisconsin and we want to broaden it out to the entire country,” she said.

The idea is to get a minimum of 100 women to pledge $1,000 to a project they believe in. So far the organization has launched campaigns to help an affordable living development for adults living with autism or other developmental challenges, a humane's society and a place for homeless women veterans to stay.

The campaigns are designed to raise $100,000 for nonprofits, but also set up a network of people to continue and help the organizations achieve their goals.

“When you bring women together for something this positive for me it's just really fun,” Sweeney said.

Donations can be spread out over time up to five years. Men can donate too, but donations are asked to be made in the name or honor of a woman. Sweeney herself says she's donated in the name of her daughter or in the honor of her mother.

Sweeney said she hopes the organization can simply do good things for communities across the state and eventually on an even larger scale.

“The power of this, women coming together, being extraordinary and supporting extraordinary causes, I really don't know where this is going to go, I'm trying to nurture this along and have it grow as much as it possibly can and really do good, that's the whole point behind it,” Sweeney said.

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