MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) — Maria Carter is a Milwaukee native who’s spent more than a decade working in education. 

“I had a baby a couple of years ago and wanted to devote more time and also pour myself into this passion,” Carter says.

Carter’s passion is The Classic Shoppe, a small business she started four years ago.


Courtesy: The Classic Shoppe


“My mission is to curate culture like a museum and put all of these ideas and lyrics and songs on t-shirts and we can all celebrate it together and anyone can feel comfortable wearing it,” she says.

Through her Classic Shoppe brand, she’s hoping to spread knowledge and teach others through her art. Yet, in her case her canvas is t-shirts.

“Classic means staying power. Trends fade and my culture is classic. My culture is not something that’s fading. You can go back to any show any song and still enjoy it,” Carter says. 


Courtesy: The Classic Shoppe


While following her passion there are lessons learned and taught in the process. 

“It's challenging being a single mom and trying to devote time and attention to your baby and also your baby that is a small business. But I do think it's important, and I’m really excited to show my daughter that even if we are single, we have a lot of support in the community, and we definitely have the power within us to be strong enough to create whatever it is that we want to create. I’m just excited to show her that to build up her own pride for her own culture,” Carter says.


Courtesy: The Classic Shoppe



“Everyone can enjoy Hip-Hop and enjoy the culture that comes with it,” she says. “I learned a lot about my culture that I am embarrassed to say I wasn’t taught early on. I want my shirts to be made for anyone who wants to celebrate the culture."

Carter is currently in the process of joining the ladies of the Underground Makers Market at Sherman Phoenix which includes Jamila Riley and Pamela McCreary, who produce jewelry and related crafts, and Butterscotch Baby which provides and holistic beauty, cosmetic & personal care.

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