MILWAUKEE, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- The staff and students at Bruce Guadalupe Community School on Milwaukee's south side celebrated those who make learning possible and fun. 

“So it was a really awesome week, we used a couple of different programs and platforms to celebrate," said Safia Ortega, teacher at Bruce Guadalupe. 

Students also took over the platform they normally use to do schoolwork with their teachers, to surprise them with pictures and messages saying how much they miss them. 

“Its almost that you forget its teacher appreciation week while you’re working and all of a sudden in your messages you get this adorable drawing, and students telling you they miss you and thank you", continued Mrs. Ortega.

For teachers like Mrs. Ortega, it has been hard not being able to give and receive the affection this academic community is used to sharing every day. 

“At Bruce Guadalupe, our parents and our students are beyond amazing and they go above and beyond for this week, they bring so many treats, donuts, snacks, gifts, and hugs…the community at our school teacher appreciation week is a huge deal. 

Even though we weren’t there physically they showed us all the love through technology," she added.

Knowing this time away from each other will make them grow even closer than they already were.


Mrs. Ortega says her students and her look forward to returning to their school, but they will continue to make the most of connecting virtually while they have to.