FOX CITIES, Wis. (WISCONSIN) -- With schools shut down; students, parents and teachers have had to adjust to a different way of learning. Instructors and their students now interact through a virtual classroom.

Lisa Olson teaches English at Winneconne High School A few weeks ago, her classroom was filled with students looking forward to prom and graduation. Now her classroom is an office space in her house. She still connects with her kids but it isn't the same.

“I really miss that one on one interaction because that’s why you teach. You don’t teach to sit at a computer all day," said Olson.

Teachers and students have waded through new digital waters to connect and learn. Lisa is a teach but also a mother of three school aged kids.

“I just had my sixth grade son come down stairs…I’m supposed to be in a Zoom meeting right now and I can’t connect to Zoom. He’s panicked that he’s going to be in trouble for missing his meeting." 

Olson continued, "I have a third grader who’s trying to connect to Zoom, and for her, she’s like, I have an email?”

An online, 1-on-1 tutoring program has been started by St. Norbert College. They hope to help kids who may get lost in the cyber shuffle. The program utilizes St. Norbert's teacher candidates to help students of all grade levels.

Bola Delano-Oriaran thought up the program.

"We put the call out to parents and communities and said, do you have a child? Do you have a need for tutoring? We can support you to the best of our ability," said Delano-Oriaran.

Almost 800 students have registered so far from across the country. Several Wisconsin universities have joined including: UW-Oshkosh, Ripon College, Stevens Point, and UW-Milwaukee. They're trying to address an education equity gap.

“Our teacher candidates, they are also aspiring to be teachers. What they’re basically doing is supporting families and also supporting teachers of school districts,” said Delano-Oriaran.

“I think about all the kids who’s parents are essential workers right now and they’re working all day and then coming home exhausted both physically and emotionally and then having to try and teach your kids, or hope that your kids are able to do things on their own all day, that definitely concerns me," said Olson.

Lawrence University has also jumped on board with the tutoring project. They'll cover students in the Appleton Area School District. So far they've had fifty of their students express interest in volunteering.

“We’re so impressed with teachers in Wisconsin that are working so hard to provide online instruction to students in some capacity. We just hope that our program will enhance what they’re doing and provide even a little extra support for kids who might be in need of that," said Kristi Hill of Lawrence.

St. Norbert College indicated that they'd like to see the program continue once classes return to a normal setting. So far they've places 300 students with a tutor.

You can signup here.