MILWAUKEE— As the COVID-19 vaccine continues to be handed out to people across Wisconsin, here is a quick breakdown of who can get vaccinated and where you can go to get your first dosage.

Right now, Wisconsin is in phase 1A, which includes frontline health care workers, residents in long-term care facilities, and police and fire personnel.

On Wednesday, the vaccine subcommittee of the state medical disaster advisory committee will meet to decide who will be in the phase 1B category.

In Wisconsin, current recommendations for 1B include those ages 70 and older, education and child care workers, non-frontline health care workers, prisoners, and mink farmers.

Starting Jan. 25, adults 65 and older will be able to get vaccinated. The state also announced pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens will start vaccinations in assisted living facilities on Jan. 25.

“I want people to think about where would you go to get your flu shot and then go to that website. If you go to your doctor to get the flu shot, go to that website, they probably have appointments for those 65 and older,” said deputy secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk.