MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- As more Wisconsinites get back on the job, a sanitized workplace will feel more important than ever. Cleaning companies are doing their part to keep workers safe during and after the pandemic.

Amy Gottheardt-Muench, owner of Eagle Enterprises in Wauwatosa, said she had trouble tracking down the personal protective equipment necessary for nearly 200 employees. They are all head to toe in P.P.E. these days, at times using an electrostatic spray to disinfect every surface of a workplace where an employee has tested positive for COVID-19. Crews like hers will be critical as workers across the state return to work this year.

“It’s kind of been low on the totem pole as far as importance, as people just want to pay the least amount they can and get their trash collected,” Gottheardt-Muench said. “Certainly this has elevated cleaning to the importance that it truly is.”

Gottheardt-Muench says it has been encouraging to hear clients recognize her employees as partners in creating a safer workplace.