GREEN BAY, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- The coronavirus has forced us all to practice Social Distancing. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with a blueprint. A Facebook group popped up a week ago to help people stay connected, when they are physically apart. The NEW Social Distancing - Together group started in Green Bay but is gaining momentum across the state. Addie Sorbo is the founder.

“It’s definitely a support thing. This is a new thing for a lot of people and we’re trying to figure it out, There’s this crazy thing going on in the world that we’re really unsure of but how can we support each other?” said Sorbo.

In the group’s first two days it reached one thousand members.

Beth Macco is a stay at home mom an finds the group useful.

“It’s just light hearted and a place where you can find community and a little bit of joy in the midst of very strange times,” said Macco.

The group isn’t just for parents dealing with changes. Delaney Langenberg attends UWGB. She’s used to a busy college life but with the campus shut down, she’s back at home with her parents.

“I was like, sure I’ll do this. I’ve got nothing else going on,” said Langenberg.

Delaney is one of almost three thousand members to join thus far.

“It was a really big change for me and probably other students so it’s nice to have something. You have something to look at and feel positive about.”

The group is a source for lightheartedness as well as useful information. Beth posted a tip she gathered from a mom who was a homeschooler before any of this began. It’s a discipline chart for her kids. It helps take emotions out of the equation when doling out punishments for misbehavior.

“Take away as many choices as possible to make this easier on yourself because you can only handle so much mentally."

The goal of the group is summed up in one post made by Addie. It reads: 'All the world came together as the people stayed apart.’

“We can still interact and be social together. We just have to do it differently. It’s definitely something where people are supporting each other and we’re trying to keep everything positive on this page,” said Sorbo.

Despite troubling times, the group definitely looks on the bright side of things.

“This has really provided an opportunity I think, to slow everybody’s lives down a little bit because we’re so used to being on the go. Suddenly you’re like, hey, I get to know my family again and we get to do things and spend together,” said Langenberg.

“It’s a challenge. I’ll say that but we’re going to do it. We’re going to get through it," said Sorbo.