MILWAUKEE COUNTY (SPECTRUM NEWS)— There is a shortage of personal protective gear across the world right now. There is a great need across the US and right here in Wisconsin.

“Prior to the state of Wisconsin declaring a state of emergency we ordered a surplus of personal protective equipment otherwise known as PPE. We are currently awaiting the arrival of that equipment however we won’t receive it for the next several months,” Milwaukee Police Department Chief, Alfonso Morlaes said.

First responders are asking residents of Milwaukee county to donate extra supplies to help them better serve the communities. First responders have teamed up and are asking for masks, gowns, gloves,. and other protective gear to keep them safe while on the frontlines of this outbreak.

“Right now they do have gear but their gear is running low. Their personal protective gear is running low and so we are working with them on ways to conserve personal protective equipment and we are working on ways to get more,” Medical College of Wisconsin Dr. Ben Weston said.

First responders across Milwaukee County are asking anyone in the community to donate gear at the state fair grounds. This will be a mass drop off place in order to collect as much equipment as possible. PPE donations can be made in the parking lot at the Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center, 640 S 84th Street. Drop-offs will be accepted at Gate 5 located off of 84th Street. The donation site will be open 7 days a week between 7:00AM and 7:00PM.

“Drop of supplies at state fair park at gate five which is at 84th and Slinger. There will be a box or some sort of collection point there. This is still fluid so we will be putting together more details on this but Monday through Friday from eight to four,” North Shore Fire Department Chief Robert Whitaker said.

But besides gear, their biggest request is for everyone to stay home.