Jeffrey Dahdah is a Salt Lake City transplant and Utah State University graduate. A reporter who does it all, Jeffrey has won several awards for both reporting and photography throughout his career. More so, Jeffrey is a passionate member of the National Press Photographers Association and subscribes to the Society of Professional Journalism Code of Ethics. For him, if he’s able to make someone feel something through his work; be it joy, sadness or interest, he feels like his goal has been achieved. 

Passionate about his community, Jeffrey loves being out in the field and getting to meet new people each and every day. The nature of reporting means that Jeffrey gets to talk to people of their passions. From discussions about lake health, to crops, to teachers about their students, Jeffrey loves learning new things and getting to share these things with his viewers. With each story assigned, Jeffrey feels like he owes it to the great people of Wisconsin to give it his best and create something that's as interesting and informative as possible. 

When Jeffrey isn’t working on his next story, he’s usually spending time near Wisconsin's lakes, preferably Devil’s Lake State Park. A true outdoorsman, Jeffrey loves skiing, hiking and climbing, to name a few. However, when the weather isn’t permitting, you can find him relaxing with a Utah Jazz game on.

You can reach out to Jeff on Twitter or Facebook