WASHINGTON — Governor Tony Evers collaborated with his colleagues in other states to find solutions to issues facing Wisconsin.

This is the second time the governor left the State House for the White House since he took office.

In between conversations with the President, the freshman state executive worked with other governors during the 2019 National Governors Association Winter Meeting to find solutions to issues like governing during a divided state legislature.

“Which is a challenge but I also think it’s an opportunity,” Gov. Tony Evers. “It’s an opportunity for people to gather around some really important topics, find common ground.”

He’s looking to take the lessons learned in DC back home as he now faces a battle over the state budget.

“Our upcoming budget is going to be on the issues that I ran on and that’s making sure that we have a high quality education system, good transportation system and adequate healthcare,” he said.

The governor is also exploring a proposal in the budget that would require private companies receiving millions in tax cuts to notify state officials of any significant changes to projects.

This comes after news the China-based tech company Foxconn was reconsidering plans for a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin.

“We have to have a more detailed way to find out what their plans are,” he said. “It’s not that the state needs to necessarily interfere with private businesses developing and responding to market forces—I get that, that’s their decision. But, when you have several billion dollars invested in something, we expect to have more transparency and accountability.”

His state could also be in the national spotlight soon.

Milwaukee is one of three cities in the running to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

The governor said if the city wins the bid, it will be ready to host the massive event.

“It’s important to have the Democrats in town and making sure that they’re part of it,” he said. “But for me, I want to make sure that people understand that Wisconsin is more than just brats and beer, that we really do value diversity and inclusivity.”