MILWAUKEE — As the rate of new COVID-19 cases continues to slowly fall in Wisconsin and across the country, more medical experts are starting to think we're turning the corner on both the delta variant and the pandemic in general.

"It looks like there is a clear two-week trend peaking for the [COVID-19] delta virus in Wisconsin based on new case numbers," Dr. John Raymond, president and CEO of the Medical College of Wisconsin, said. "And also it appears that our hospitalizations have peaked as well, so I think that's good news, but we also need to be careful that we don't celebrate prematurely."

In Wisconsin, the DHS reported Wednesday that the state was averaging 2,318 cases of COVID-19 a day, down from 2,940 a day at the height of the recent spike on Sept. 20.

"Speculation is always dangerous but it feels like this could be our last major surge," Dr. Raymond said.

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