MILWAUKEE — Everyone has dealt with a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has taken a toll on some babies who were born in the midst of the craziness. 

Although parents likely had more time at home with their kids, it wasn’t necessarily quality time as many worked from home. Many people lived in a COVID-19 bubble, isolating their little ones from other kids to keep them safe during the pandemic.

Doctors at Children's Wisconsin said they have had caregivers finding it more difficult to get their babies to feel comfortable around others outside of their immediate family.

If you are finding your little one in a similar spot, Children’s Wisconsin doctors shared these suggestions:

  • Hold onto your child’s hand a little more than you needed to do with your other children to let them know you are there for them
  • Play with your child and show them those interaction pieces
  • Know what is developmentally normal for the age of your child

Jessica Sorenson, a mom of two, found it difficult early on to get her infant to feel comfortable around others.

“I mean it was such a bubble that we placed ourselves in when she was born," Sorenson said. "We really only saw my parents and my husband's parents here and there, and when they did come around she was absolutely terrified of them."

After talking with others, her pediatrician and working on some exercises today her little one is doing much better.

“Just getting more faces beyond immediate family for them, to see and interact with has been super beneficial. I’ve recently seen improvement over the last couple of months because of that,” Sorenson said.