WEST MILWAUKEE, Wis.— The nationwide truck driver shortage is expected to have a big impact as we move closer to the holiday season, leading to potential shipping slowdowns. People entering the field said there are no shortage of jobs.

At Future Logistics & CDL Training in West Milwaukee, students going through the truck driving program said they think the driver shortage could work to their advantage. As companies compete for a smaller pool of drivers, they are offering hiring bonuses and higher wages. Student Caleb Nchang said companies have been reaching out to him before he even has his commercial driver's license.

“I feel like I am bombarded with phone calls; you put in one email and you get 10 people calling you. It is a constant bombardment of people trying to get you to work so it's awesome. I am ready to get out in the field,” said Nchang.

Mhammed Abu-Shawish, who owns the driving school, said many people don’t realize that truck driving jobs pay well, something he thinks may contribute to the driver shortage. In reality, many trucking companies are offering hiring bonuses between $5,000 - $15,000.

“You could make within two months of training as much as somebody who went for their bachelors degree,” said Abu-Shawish.

Abu-Shawish said that even though the driver shortage continues, he has seen enrollment rebound in recent months at his driving school.​