COLUMBIA COUNTY, Wis. — The privately-held, family-owned manufacturing leader in the midwest and beyond, EK, needs some new talent at their flagship Falls River plant.

What You Need To Know

  • Columbia County's 'EK' manufacturing needs about 15 individuals
  • The company is willing to hire candidates with zero experience, train them and advance them
  • EK makes backup generators that protect data for top Silicon Valley tech giants to hospitals, banks and beyond,
  • The industry leader also manufactures parts for tractors and other machines 

"We do lots of fulfilling work here. Lots of work that's nationally known out of little bitty Fall River," EK’s Vice President of Operations Steve Slack said.  He  knows his company proudly creates industry leading backup generators for some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley tech, healthcare giants, banks and beyond:

"To make sure that all of the data we generate on a daily basis is protected," Slack said about the business that makes about 100 generators a year and thousands of manufacturing parts for tractors and other machinery.

Slack says despite the pandemic, EK seeing a 20% increase in demand and he is looking to fill about fifteen open positions.

"Everything from machinists to assemblers electricians, welders. We are definitely not slowing down," he said.

In fact, the company even willing train assemblers with no experience and advance them. 

 Ian Niquette, once an assembler, now eight years later, he's the overseer as the power products assembly manager.

"I could work my way up through the ranks," Niquette said.  "If you have the ambition EK is the opportunity for you."

The company offers competitive wages and a special benefit, flexible scheduling.

"Work hour shifts are things that we really try to work with our team on to ensure that they're able to take care of whatever responsibilities they have outside of work," Slack said. "And we dont’ create an additional hardship when it comes to that."

You can learn more about the company’s hiring effort here.