APPLETON, Wis. — A day of love and a day of chaos for any local flower shop. 

The team at Flowerama Appleton geared up for the second busiest day of the year Valentines Day, the first being Mother's Day, which is right around the corner. 

"Everyone has a mother, not everyone has a lover," says florist and co-owner Kyle Hogarty. "With that being said, they are both two very similar beasts, not much difference to it.”

Hogarty has served the Fox Valley for more than a decade and every year he prepares for this holiday weekend months in advance. 

"It's crazy busy, we have a whole lot of deliveries coming in,” says Hogarty as he dethorns and sets up a bouquet of 12 bright white roses. 

For this business, the ongoing pandemic hasn’t slowed down orders. Flower deliveries have gone up, a grim reminder of the times we've faced this past year. But, Hogarty adds that many people choose to have a nice sentiment delivered to their loved ones now that many aren't visiting often. That's where his flower shop comes in and helps with delivered flower arrangements. 

Valentine's Day won't be any different, the shop rents a refrigerated trailer for all the extra flowers they'll need for the holiday. 

"This whole thing will be filled," Hogarty says pointing to a bed of roses. "We order, pick them and route them. We’ve been at work for a couple of days.”

This location of Flowerama alone orders up to ten-thousand flowers that will then be turned into personalized special orders.

As Valentine's Day lands on a Sunday this year, all hands are on deck. Many start as a florist in the morning and end as a delivery person by afternoon. 

The team services all around the Appleton area, setting the quickest route to deliver the more than doubled orders. 

"We have to make sure everything is covered and it will arrive the way it left the store, just making sure that it arrives fresh,” says Hogarty.