MILWAUKEE — From Will Ferrell taking issue with Norway to an expression-changing Jason Alexander sweatshirt which definitely needs to get washed, marketing firms have begun to post this Sunday's Super Bowl ads online.

But is the reported $5.6 million price tag for a :30-second spot to air the commercial Sunday still worth it?

"Every year, it becomes the one place on the planet where the most people gather, the most eyeballs are centered on that game," Brian Bennett, president of Milwaukee-based Stir Advertising and Integrated Messaging, told Spectrum News 1. "It's the largest audience in the history of the world and if you want to get a message out, that is definitely the place to do it."

Before the game begins Sunday, Wisconsin and the Green Bay Packers will be in the world's spotlight as the NFL highlights Vince Lombardi, bringing him back to life through the magic of television to weigh in on the state of the world in 2021.

"There's a thing in marketing this year called purposeful marketing and a lot of companies, a lot of brands, are trying to get behind a meaninful message, one that ties in with the sentiments and the moods of the day," Bennett said, "and given where we are at, it's appropriate to talk about how he treated people and what worked for him. He really was one of those people who broke through and revisiting that makes a lot of sense."

See the entire interview posted above.

To see more of the Super Bowl spots ahead of Sunday, AdAge continues to update their running list of the commercials posted online before kickoff here.