APPLETON, Wis. — COVID-19 vaccine distribution is continuing to slowly roll out through the state. 

The Fox Cities COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic is now open. Health professionals along with volunteers are planning to distribute up to 1,000 vaccines this next week. Staggered appointments brought in at least 300 people on day one. 

“It shows what vaccine you had, when you received it,” says Norman Christnacht as he points to a new immunization card. Christnacht was one of the first to receive their Pfizer vaccine Monday at the Fox Cities Exhibition Center. 

“Oh I’m very glad,” adds Christnacht. “This has been a hell of a year, and physically for many people so this is the first step to put all of this behind us.”

The state allocated this first round of vaccines to the tri-county area for individuals 65 or older in Outagamie, Calumet and Winnebago counties. 

“That’s the age group that’s being hospitalized and unfortunately suffering a disproportionate number of deaths,” says Kurt Eggebrecht with Appleton Public Health.

“So, we, in this particular location, are making it a priority in who we want to serve here.”

Thousands of residents remain on the waiting list to receive an appointment, however, if eligible, you can still add your name to that list. The by-appointment only clinic will not be accepting walk-ins at this time and require patients to pre-register at

Administrators are not yet aware of how many doses will come in next week, as each allocation is approved by the state over the weekend to arrive at their destinations on Monday.

However, the Fox Cities COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic anticipates a growing availability of vaccines through the summer months and is preparing to distribute in masses. 

"Probably earlier, but at least by April/May, where we can really ramp this up and make it more available so we’ll be here until the need tells us we’re not needed,” says Eggebrecht. 

The Fox Cities Exhibition Center will be utilized for the foreseeable future, but partnerships with larger locations are already in the works for when the general public can be vaccinated.