WEST ALLIS, Wis.— Jessica Katzenmeyer is hoping to join Wisconsin state politics, and if she were to be elected, it could be a step forward for Wisconsin's LGBTQ+ community. 

She’s the first-ever transgender woman to win an election on any level in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. 

She’s up against four-term incumbent republican representative Joe Sanfelippo.

She says her key to success has been confidence.

“I was always told you could do anything. If you put your mind to it, you'll get on top of anything you want to," Katzenmeyer says. "One of my goals in this campaign — I wanted to do since day one — is to help inspire others and the LGBTQ community, especially those in the transgender community. (I want to show) them, 'Hey, look, I'm running for office. I'm putting myself out here for the whole world to see.”'


Katzenmeyer had a long journey and says she’s hopeful for November and ready to be the action her community has needed for a long time.

“Whether or not you're a Democrat, Republican or somewhere in between, (it) is my job to represent you. It's my job to listen to you. Even if we're different in our views, what we do is, we find some type of common ground and we work towards progress.”

To learn more about her campaign you can click here.