MILWAUKEE, Wisc., (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- A new August poll from Marquette University Law School covers a variety of topics. The data, released Tuesday, polled 801 registered voters and 694 likely voters. The margin of error for the full sample is +/-3.9 percent, while the margin of error for the likely voter sample is +/-4.2 percent.

The data shows more Wisconsinites are worried about getting the COVID-19 virus than they were two months ago. 27 percent say they are very worried about COVID-19 and 36 percent say they are worried. In June, those numbers were 19 and 36 percent, respectively. In late March, they were 30 and 40 percent.

69 percent of Wisconsinites polled approve of a mask mandate for public places. 30 percent disapprove.

“In every region, there’s a majority that favors wearing masks,” says professor Charles Franklin, who conducted the poll. “It’s interesting that our urban areas have very high support for wearing masks, but even in the rural areas, above 60 percent agree masks should be required in public places.”

Colleges are preparing to open this fall, at least partially to in-person learning. 45 percent agree that in-person classes should happen, while 48 percent disagree.

When it comes to parents who have school-aged children, 53 percent are comfortable with their kids being back in the classroom, while 45 percent are not.

“Maybe a little counter-intuitive that the parents are a little bit more comfortable than the public at large is,” Franklin says.

Parents are also more likely to agree with schools and businesses staying open, should another COVID-19 spike occur. 44 percent say they should, compared to 40 percent of the general public polled.

“We’re again seeing this difference between the general public and the commitment to keeping schools and businesses open,” says Franklin.

There are strong partisan differences on whether to close schools and businesses if coronavirus cases go up. 72 percent of Republicans favor staying open, compared to just 10 percent of Democrats.

Voters were also asked about job loss or reduced work hours due to the pandemic. Nine percent said they lost a job, 24 percent said someone in their family did, while five percent reported both. Work hours have been reduced for 23 percent of those polled, which has remained steady since June.

President Trump’s approval ratings for how he has handled the pandemic, nationwide protests and the economy were documented as well.

Trump’s handling of protests following the death of George Floyd: 32 percent approve, 58 percent disapprove. In June, those numbers were 30 and 58 percent.

Support of protests among polled Wisconsinites has dropped. 48 percent of Wisconsin voters approve of the mass protests since George Floyd’s death and 48 percent disapprove. In June, 61 percent approved, and 36 percent disapproved.

Trump’s handling of coronavirus issues: 40 percent approve, 58 percent disapprove. In June, 44 percent approved, and 52 percent disapproved.

Trump’s handling of the economy: 51 percent approve, 46 percent disapprove. In June, 50 percent approved while 46 percent disapproved. 

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