GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) –– Homeowners in a Grand Chute neighborhood replaced campaign signs Tuesday after police say thieves took a handful of them late Sunday-early Monday.

Neighbors say thieves stole at least four signs from four homes on their block near the intersection of Sunflower Road and Wildflower Lane in Grand Chute, 35 miles southwest of Green Bay.

“I never had this happen to me nor have I seen it happen anywhere else,” says Greg Siers.

The 80-year-old says his house was hit. He walked out Tuesday morning to where the stolen sign sat and installed a replacement. The signs support President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

He says the thieves are stifling his right to free speech.

“This is a serious issue,” he says. "And if this is the way our country is heading for, we are in big trouble.”

Tim Pitsch lives a few houses away. He says thieves also took his Trump campaign sign.

“I’m just going to put up more signs and bigger signs,” Pitsch says. "So you’re really defeating the purpose of what you’re trying to do.”

Pitsch says he finds the situation disappointing and feels it represents a dark time in society.

“I think people have just come to the point where they just don’t really care what they do to each other,” he says. “Something has to bring us back together and these types of things are just dividing us further.”

Siers reported the thefts to Grand Chute Police. The department confirmed the incident Tuesday. The department says stealing campaign signs is the same as stealing anything else from someone’s private property and will be treated as theft.

Sarah Weinberg lives a block away from Siers. She says her husband shooed away two men from their property late Saturday after the pair walked onto the family's lawn and tried to take their Trump signs.

Weinberg’s family installed wires to the signs making it more difficult to steal them.

“We’re not going to be bullied,” she says. “We’re not going to be shortchanged in our opinions so that we are afraid to speak our minds.”

Anyone with information on the thefts is encouraged to contact the Grand Chute Police Department at (920) 832-1575.