MADISON, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) — Wisconsin has a new Supreme Court Justice after Jill Karofsky was sworn in Saturday. Karofsky was sworn in 35 miles into a 100-mile run.

Karofsky defeated Daniel Kelly in April's election. Kelly was appointed to the court by former Governor Scott Walker to fill an open spot in the court in 2016.

Karofsky was scheduled to run 100 miles on August 1st for a race, but the event was canceled because of the pandemic.

She decided to run anyway Saturday and held a swearing-in ceremony outdoors 35 miles into the run in front of friends and family.

“I'm really glad because on election night we weren't able to have a public celebration either, so it was nice to be able to have some people come together and socially distance and be part of a celebration,” Karofsky said.

The April election was in question until hours before, when the State Supreme Court ruled that it must be held, striking down Governor Tony Ever's public health emergency extension and his order to postpone the election.

Now executive powers are in question again as the Governor declared another emergency and ordered a mask mandate, which went into effect on Saturday.

“What my job is going to be going forward is to if there are any decisions that need to be made to make those decisions based on what the law is and that's what I promised to do during my campaign and that is exactly what I'm going to do,” Karofsky said.

Former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle spoke at Karofsky's swearing-in. Fellow justice Rebecca Dallet swore Karofsky in.

“Today is a day I will never ever, ever forget,” Karofsky said.