WISCONSIN (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- Amazon announced today that it will open four delivery stations in Wisconsin over the next two years. 

Amazon says it signed leases for locations in Madison and Greenville, as well as two locations in Sturtevant. One Sturtevant facility is expected to open in 2021, while the other three additional locations are set to be up and running in 2020.  

By adding these delivery stations, Amazon customers in those areas can expect faster deliveries. Amazon packages travel from fulfillment centers to more than 100 different delivery stations. At the stations, they are sorted and sent out for delivery. 

This will also create multiple-hundreds of jobs in Wisconsin. Amazon says it will be hiring full-time and part-time positions directly related to these new locations. Jobs offered by the company directly start at $15 an hour. Amazon says it will also offer benefits packages for some employees from the get-go. Amazon offers contractor delivery opportunities

In addition to Amazon jobs, construction jobs will also come to the state to create the stations. 

This announcement comes just after the opening of a new Amazon delivery station in Kenosha earlier this July. The company claims to have invested more than $3 billion in Wisconsin over the last decade.