MILWAUKEE, Wisc., (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- The Milwaukee Bucks continue to prepare to finish the NBA season in Orlando. They'll head down there next Thursday. Small forward and shooting guard Khris Middleton admits that the Bucks' unique team chemistry doesn't look the same during the current workouts.

“It’s been weird. Usually, we have a group of guys, we’re all encouraging each other, talking to each other, joking around with one another, playing music," Middleton says. "Now we literally have somebody following us with a disinfectant spray and a towel after everything we touch."

Shooting guard Donte DiVincenzo says the current situation forces players to be creative.

“It's tough. As players, you have to use your imagination at this time. I think that’s the positive I’m taking out of it. Once the game starts, I’m using my imagination on where defenders are going to be, how they’re going to cut me off," DiVincenzo says. "Once I get into the game, even practice down in Orlando, once that happens, I can kind of mentally prepare myself.”

Middleton says he went about three months without touching a basketball. He admits to some trepidation to heading to Orlando and missing family, but understands the strict NBA protocols.

“We’re used to having a lot of freedoms during our downtime to do whatever we want. Hearing all of these rules and whatever, we get it. It’s definitely going to keep us safe, but at the same time, it’s definitely going to be tough to do," Middleton says. "The restrictions they have on us, on the places we go and the things we do is not something a lot of guys are used to."

Having posted the NBA's best record, Middleton says the Bucks are trying to stay focused on the rare opportunity to win a championship.

“Nobody wants to be away from their family for that long," Middleton says. "Nobody wants to be going through these times that we’re going through right now but it’s just something that we all have to deal with. We’re all going to be going through something when we’re down there. We’re all going to be uncomfortable about something when we’re down there. We have to realize that we’re all in it together."