MADISON, Wis (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- In hopes of attracting prospective students during the pandemic, Madison College is uniquely promoting the school grounds. 

The college created an "MTV Cribs" inspired venture called "Home Away From Home." The star of the video, marketing intern Neave Biesel, is happy to show off some of her favorite campus spots. She says this gives potential students a chance to see what Madison College has to offer.

"And for me, I thought if I could see somebody on campus having fun, and like just really loving the atmosphere and the environment that the school provides then that would be a really big deciding factor for me," she says. "So I thought if we can amp it up and show off how amazing the school is then it would be a really great deciding factor for those students that are really kind of on the fence about where to go."

Madison College marketing instructor, Kristin Uttech says this effort is made in conjunction with another project happening at schools across the state and country.

"So we're seeing a trend all over the board, we're seeing the 360-degree videos...we are launching one (in) July for the website and we really wanted to look at this as an opportunity to get creative and really talk to our target market in a way that they would understand."

Biesel says she is happy to help with further projects as the college looks into 'Phase 2' of the video plan, which entails highlighting other sites and the South Campus grounds.

You can see the video, here.