MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS)- Milwaukee’s food and beer scene is well-known far beyond the borders of Wisconsin.  A new show on Hulu has put the state’s largest city on a global stage.

"Taste the Nation" with "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi debuted on June 18. The second episode features Brew City and its heavy German roots.

Award-winning home brewer Josh Strupp is one of the people featured.

“I’m with a home brew club, The Beer Barons of Milwaukee,” Strupp says.  “We’re one of the largest home brew clubs in the country and they had contacted our home brew club and asked if there was anyone who could speak to Lager brewing.”

The next thing Strupp knew he was brewing a batch of German beer in his garage with Lakshmi .

“I didn’t know what to expect, if it was going to be an hour or fifteen minutes,” Strupp says.  “We ended up brewing an entire batch of beer over five hours in the garage in 90-degree weather; so, it was a pretty surreal experience.”

Mader’s, Milwaukee Pretzel Company, Usinger’s, Kegel Inn and Lakefront Brewery also made the cut. Russ Klisch, owner of Lakefront Brewery, comments on Milwaukee’s deep German heritage. He says more Germans have lived in Cream City than in any other city in the nation.

“Being part of that is something money can’t buy,” says Klisch. “Padma is known worlds over and for her to pick you is quite a compliment.”

Klisch began as a home brewer himself about 32 years ago. He says during these trying times in our nation, it’s humbling to see Milwaukee showcased in such a profound way.

“It was nice that the world’s coming here and the world still sees us and that was a nice boost for the city in these times,” he says.

Strupp echoes that sentiment and says he’s humbled to be in the same vein as icons like Russ.

“I never thought in a million years I’d be doing a show for home brewing with some of the biggest Milwaukee institutions,” Strupp says.

Taste The Nation’s 10 episodes are available on Hulu now.