MILWAUKEE, Wisc., (SPECTRUM NEWS)- -- On a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Reservoir Park, more than a thousand people took part in a 15-mile ride to spread the message that “Black is Beautiful.” 

A rally on wheels marked a celebration of Black lives and culture on the last day of Juneteenth weekend and Father's Day.

“It really nice to see all these people together and to be here with my dad. It’s pretty special,” says 16 year old Terronn Clarke. 

"We've  got skaters out here, bicyclers, people in wheel chairs…anyone with wheels. All cultures and diversity all coming together to do one thing….roll together," says his father, Terrence Clarke.

It was a special day for Bryan Alexander and his 10-year-old son Winfred as well. 

“It (is) good to be together for something important, so it’s a good one to remember,” says Bryan Alexander.

Milwaukee rapper Webster X co-organized the ride and says the goal was to continue support for the Black Lives Matter movement but also a well needed mental health break. He lead the event along with musicians Zed Kenzo, Lex Allen and Darius Smith.