MILWAUKEE, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS)— The sound of music can help brighten anyone's day, including veterans at the Milwaukee VA.

The sound of a guitar… soothing right? Well, at the Milwaukee VA that soothing sound is music to veterans ears. That’s because throughout the facility at the Milwaukee VA there are music therapists that work with veterans in their recovery process.

“The impact that music can have is really great it’s really incredible we know as music therapist that music enters the brain differently,” Milwaukee VA Music Therapist, Makenzie Kojis said.

She says it allows them a different way to reach veterans. Music therapy has been around for decades, but now more than ever this outlet is a way for many veterans to find comfort

“Our music therapists are in higher demand currently because they have less options for treatment and less options for visits from friends and family at this time,” Milwaukee VA Music Therapist, Christine Wiggins said.

Each day these music therapists get to see that the simple sound of music can bring a smile to many faces. Not only does it make veterans smile, but it also helps them through their journey of recovery.

“It’s so nice to see maybe someone who has been struggling with depression or someone who has been really withdrawn to light up in the presence of music or to sing maybe if they are comfortable,” Wiggins said.

But the true perk, is the gift these therapist have with music to help heal and recovery these veterans in need.​